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Some nice things our clients have said to us, and about us... in no particular order. Our thanks to all for the encouragement.

I'm going to put a link on our site back to your site? I think my clients could use a lot of the information you present.
Tim H.,  Tim Hamrock Interiors

"I really enjoyed reading your article. I found it very interesting. This site taught me a lot about the tools, and education I need to start a career."
Stacey G.

"It is a pleasure to receive your e-mail since we always need new products and services. Your web site is very nice."
Grace B., Graceful Interiors

"Thank you for this site! I am just beginning my home-based Interior Decorating business and this site contains lots of information I will find helpful."
Christi S., Interiors by Christi

"The website is done extremely well. No criticism here. Keep up the good work."
Meg M., Mitchell Interior Design

"It is great website offering a variety of services for home owners."
Andres A.,  Absolute Floor Co.

"At last! Someone has finally gotten it right. A 'one stop' closed loop Design Centre where property owner, designer and supplier can come to find each other. Kudos!"
Andrew R., Andrews Creations

"Loved the site.. "
Bertha B., BK Interiors

"I like your web site. It is easy to navigate and contains a lot of information. "
Mr. Mohamed  Visions Of The Fleece (House Of Morocco)

"Nice form. Very nice site. Seems complete. You were very clear and seemed to ask the right questions. Great job on the site!"
Donna C., Design Concepts Unlimited, Inc.

"Glad to know about this website and the information available. Thanks!"
Cindy H., Divine Design

"Just a quick note to say that the site is fine... very user friendly."
Jeremy G.

"I think your website is a great idea. I hope we can find ways to work together."
Steve G.  Motherland Music

"Everything was great. So glad I found your site. Thank you!"
Lianne, My Designs

"Absolutely perfect.
Michèle C., oil painting artist  My Work

"You have a great site! When my business gets bigger I'll be coming to you to build my home page."
Kerrie G., Rosewood Interiors

"Looks great - love your categories. Thanks!"
Hillary J.,  for Mercy's sake

"It was fine. I liked your multiple choice in listings."
Jaime B.,  Design, Renderings, Murals & Faux by Barreto

"Yes!...neat consice and informative. User friendly! "
Pamela H.,  The Decor Store

"Your site is CLEAN, easy to use... very user friendly... keep up the nice work."
Mark C.,  MGC's Hand Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

"I think this is a great form and a great idea. Thank you."
Joe M.,  Wine Racks and More

"You were clear. As we develop our business on the Web, we hope to use more of your capable services. Thank you for this opportunity to be linked with your site."
Marie B.,  Baileys' Heritage House Antique Register

"The form is very easy to complete, very clear instructions are given."
Karen M.  Denney Electric Supply of Delaware

"This was a complete and easy to use form"
Mary S.,  Garbe's

"Looks good to me. Thanks for the opportunity!"
Cheri J.,  Antique Hardware & More

"Thanks so much for giving me a rare opportunity such as this for exposure of my work. Please feel free to contact me anytime via e-mail or phone or fax! Thank you again! Keep up this important work!"
Steven M., Return To Earth

"Thank You and we will add a link to your site from ours if it is acceptable to you."
Kevin W.,  Winburn Tile Manufacturing Company, Inc.

"Everything looks great. Thank you very much for contacting me."
Laurie F., Touched by Design, LLC

"Your site and services are most informative. I may look into an upgraded listing in the near future."
Walter N.,  Mickey's Homespuns Internet Boutique & Gift Shop

"Your form is straight-forward - no problems at all!"
Laura M., Her Majesty's

"It may be the site I was looking for to promote our work to interior designers."
Carl C.,  Ace Banner Flag & Graphics

"Thank you for contacting us. You have a most attractive site."
Phil & Nancy P.,  1886 Company

Ralph H.,  Hastings Partners, Inc. - Architecture & Planning

"Yes, it was a wonderful 'walk' through your 'home'"
Linda E., Sew SLO Designe

"Further to your email,this is to let you know that we have provided a link to your site. "
Lorna  No Brainer Blinds

"Looks good to me! I'll be checking back regularly."
Deborah H.,  Holland Salley Inc., Interior Design

"Great Idea!"
Beverly F.  Fredrick & Joyce Textiles-Leather

"The form is very good."
Susan P.  Maxey Hayse Design Studios, Inc.

"The site is great."
Chuck & Katie R.  Sweetwater Tile & Pottery

Darren M.  Beaver Distributors

"Thank you for letting me know that this service is available to the public."
Maggie J.  Bedmania, Inc.

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Lori B.  Jencen

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Cinzia P.  Civa International Corporation

"Thank You, Nice service!"
Belinda S., Design Effects

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Janice R., Janice Renne Design

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John S.  Sleep Systems USA

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Mary R.  Ragsdale Interior Design

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Franz F.  Bavarian Stove & Tile

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Robert M.  Crib 'n Carriage, Inc.

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Darrell S.  Simpson Stone Tile

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Jim L.,  Kestrel Shutters

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Anthony, Sandy & Enzo  Techniclean

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Saffron F.  Antiques Avenue

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C.B.  Tables For Talk

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Rachael S.  windowARTS Technology/digitalARTS

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Margaret W.  Sweet Pea Antiques & Collectibles

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Joe and Carol B.  Heidelberg Antique Mall

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Zach L., East of Eden Interior/Exterior Designs

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Shelley D.  Feng Shui Interiors

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Bill R.  Reinert Design Interiors

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Brian & Jack W.  Horizon Interor Shutters

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Bret A., Austin Woodworks

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Bob L.,  Home & Vine

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Kami,  Flurr Fine Decorative Rugs

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Cynthia C., Clayborne Interiors

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Steve,  Get The Phone!

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Gary,  French Relic

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Scott & Ronit, Penumbra

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David S., David Sabal Photography

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Richard R., Robertson Design

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Richard M.  Goldohio Jewelry Co.

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Nancy & Gary, Sky Drops, Inc.

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Barbara S.  Coup d'oeil

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Maria Del Pozo., Diseños y Mas,

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Barbara,  Mehren Freeman Architects

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Jyoti & Harsha R., Exemplar International

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Darcy A. & Joy T., Shoestrings Instant Interiors by Mail

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Eileen K., IIDA  Eileen & Associates, Interior Designers

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Amy W., Amy Weiss Designs

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Terry T., Turner Drapery

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Cristina A.,  Cristina Acosta Art Studio

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Michael C.,  Central Colorado Satellite and Entertainment

"Nice Website"
Jeff Z.,  Lauter's Fine Furniture



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