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The Virtual Website Listing applies well to two different types of website clients. If you have already established a website and want to aggressively promote it, this $199.95 annual listing fee positions you above all other listing types in up to 5 categories or areas.

If you do not yet have a website, this listing includes a one page website (up to 800 pixels wide by 1,500 pixels long) free of charge and hosted on our own webservers. Your domain name will be:


The Virtual Website Listing is one of our best values. For $199.95 per year, you get:
  • Construction of your own home page with logo and graphic,
  • A virtual website address (see above),
  • An e-mail address,
  • Hosting for an entire year within "" network center, and
  • Listing under 5 categories at "" website
Information in the Virtual Website Listing includes:

    Company Name
    Contact Name
    Your e-mail Address, fully linked
    Your website domain name, if applicable
    100 word description of your products or services
    Company logo

With the Virtual Website Listing, you will be positioned ahead of the Home Page Listings, Linked Listings and Free Listings. Like the Home Page Listing, your listing will be fully linked to your e-mail and website and contain your logo in an area not to exceed 100 x 100 pixels, 150 x 65 pixels or 65 x 150 pixels. Additionally, you will also have 100 words of description and be positioned in up to five relevant categories and/or geographic areas (states, regions, etc... if you are an Interior Designer).

Here is an example of what your Virtual Website Listing will look like:

Back Bay Imports
425 'M' Street
Balboa, CA 92661
Contact: Warren
(949) 673-2845 PST
(949) 555-1212 Fax
Back Bay Imports is an Importer of classic, traditional and historical handmade ships and other nautical replicas. Our models include finely crafted hand made replicas of nautical legends that are a part of our heritage. These quality items make excellent office decor for the study, lodge, yacht clubs and other maritime organizations. Expand your knowledge of Naval history by displaying these classics in prominent locations throughout your office or club. Regional offices located in Newport Beach (Headquarters), San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, New York, and Miami.